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At Delta Ghostwriting, we’ll assist you throughout the publishing process so that you don’t have to go through pesky traditional publication agencies.

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The book publishing services at Delta Ghostwriting are comprehensive and extensive. We like to complement our clients by assisting them in self-publishing their book, and connecting them with literary and publication agents. We are dedicated and professional book publishers and we offer paperback publishing, eBook conversion, print-on-demand, and certified ISBN bar codes.

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Ebook conversion and distribution

Print-on-demand distribution

Certified ISBN barcodes

Services Include

Delta Ghostwriting’s Exclusive Publishing Services

With the world as your playground, our exclusive publishing services will enable you to turn your book into a hard reality. We have several services for you to avail!


We offer several custom-printed books with our self-publishing package, which are ideal for book signings.

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Print-on-demand saves you from the logistical nightmare of having so many books published. We’ll print and mail your book to customers directly!

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You can have your very own online platform to sell your books directly to your readers and earn even greater royalties.

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We can seamlessly convert your book into an eBook format, so that you can present your book digitally to readers – who may be unable to purchase it otherwise.

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With our printed book distribution service, you can expect to sell your book worldwide - including at renowned retail bookstores- for a much wider reach!

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With our eBook retail network, you can expect your eBook to be distributed thoroughly, reaching millions of readers on popular online platforms like Amazon.

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Distribution and
Retail Network

At Delta Ghostwriting, we ensure that your book is published and distributed across digital platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, etc.

Catalogue of

We’ll take care of the copyright registration for your book, deal with the ISBN and other necessary elements for your book.

Our Network of

We have a wide network of industry experts at our beck and call, such as literary, publishing, and media agencies.


We’ve proven our outcome time and again and our result-oriented approach is what sets us apart from the rest of the competition.

Publication Easy Through Our
Six-Step Process

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Sign Up The first step is for you to sign-up for one of our publishing packages.


Manuscript Review Your completed manuscript gets sent for review.


Formatting & Proofreading Final proofreading and formatting are necessary and completed at this stage.


Cover Design Designing an illustrious cover for your book is essential for it to stand out.


Publishing Now we get down to publishing! Your book gets published on all platforms.


Royalties Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the royalties that come from your book's sales!

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Our clients are not few and far between. We have offered our ghostwriting
services to a variety of clients, including established authors, aspiring authors,
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