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At Delta Ghostwriting, your book is only one effective marketing strategy away from getting the reach you deserve for a wider audience.

A Book Marketing Strategy for a Wider Audience

We’ll put your book out there!

Upon publishing and printing your book, we feel obliged to help you get to the final step of your dreams of being a successful and bestselling author. A bestseller book is written to stand out and be the very best, but that’s only one half of the process. To achieve the necessary outcome of bestseller status, an effective marketing strategy is equally as important as having original and unique content. Let us help market your book.

We offer a variety of book marketing services
to help put your book out there

Author Network

Our author network is an amalgamation of the best services for aspiring authors looking to launch their book.

Advertising & Marketing

With the right advertising and strategic marketing, we can effectively help your book become the next bestseller.

Public Relations

Our public relations services will always give your audience something to talk about when it comes to your book!


We offer assistance for aspiring authors who are looking to become self-published. We’ll provide you with all the info you need.

Branding, Logos & Design

To get the most from your book, we will help you build your brand, create a logo for it too, and design a captivating book cover.

Social Media

We can help build your social media presence so that your published book is given the maximum digital reach it deserves.

Author's Website

To create an online platform for you and your books, our marketing services also include designing and developing your own website.

B&N Book Edition

We can help make your book a Barnes & Noble exclusive edition to give you the necessary upper edge over the competition.

SEO & Content Marketing

Effective SEO and content marketing strategies will help ensure your book stays on top of internet search results!

Book Trailers

A book trailer can mean the difference between your book selling or catching dust. We’ll help design a reader-engaging book trailer for your book.

Audio Books

Need an audio-only version for your published book? Our audiobook readers will ensure they deliver creative justice to your book.

Promotional Articles

A good article for a good book is a great way of giving your readers a glimpse of what to expect from your book when they buy it.

We Take You to The Best-Selling Shelf Space

With Our Simple Four Step Process

Get in Touch with us

Order Details First, you need to place the order for your marketing and receive the details about your order.


Research & Analysis Thorough research on existing market trends will enable us to be more effective.


Strategy Approval Once our strategy is aligned, we will need you to review and approve it.


Pre-Launch Promotion We’ll help promote your book before its launch to set the stage.


Book Launch Your book launch will be accompanied by effective marketing solutions.


Post-Launch Promotion Even after launch the marketing fun doesn’t end. Your book’s reach will be maximized.

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