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At Delta Ghostwriting, we hire only the most talented and professional writers who are versatile and specialize in multiple genres of books, if not every single one of them!

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Quality is our assurance, and perfection is our promise. At Delta Ghostwriting, we take our jobs as ghostwriters and editors very seriously. We also have a love affair with the work we do, and you can see our passion unfold in the work we do for yourself. With bestselling authors on our writing team, and thorough and meticulous editors, you can be sure to have your project turn into the next bestselling book the world has yet to see. Our success story is not one of rags to riches. Success has more to do with consistency, motivation, and the ability to maintain the skill of the work with every subsequent delivery.


We are a prestigious and highly-esteemed ghostwriting company and we are humbled by our accomplishments. From having worked with a plethora of clients, we can confidently say that we have dusted every nook and cranny of the industry when it comes to writing a bestselling book. Our clients have ranged from aspiring and existing independent authors, editorial and publication agencies, startup and well-established businesses, and college and university students. Our range of services include ghostwriting from scratch your book for you, editing your manuscripts, as well as book marketing and publication. You name it, we got it.

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Kurt Banks

A writer and editor, I write because I must! And edit because someone's got to make sense of this world.

Meredith Aguilar

Finding narratives in everything, she was a magazine editor featuring the most cutting-edge and innovative trends in music, cinema, and fashion.

Tyler Stevenson

I make words dance with life. I edit, proofread, and ghostwrite for people who are too busy to do it themselves.

Jennifer Byrd

Writing is her passion and words are her life. With a deep love for literature and a sharp eye for detail, she’ll help put your best words forward.

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Anthony A. Hicks

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Our clients are not few and far between. We have offered our ghostwriting
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