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What You Need to Know About Delta Ghostwriting

We have only the best ghostwriters in the industry working with us for you.

The folks at Delta Ghostwriting understand what it takes to create a compelling piece of written work. We follow a streamlined protocol to get the job done efficiently and swiftly, and we hire only the most qualified and talented writers to deliver creative justice to your project. Let us turn you into the next big literary sensation and get you published!

The Perks
of Being a
Published Author

include recognition, fame,
and royalties.

Our expert writers are highly specialized To pen your dreams
Through one genre at a time

We have a wide range of services To be there for you in every way we can!


There’s no need to take on the task of writing a book when we have your back!

Publication & Printing

Publishing is a chore for any writer. Let us make this part of the process the easiest one for you.

Formatting & Proofreading

Quality check is quality assurance and we’ll ensure your book is perfect before publishing.

Book Marketing

Marketing is a crucial step after publication to ensure your book gets the attention it deserves.

Book Editing

Our editors will enhance your book’s readability while fixing any possible grammatical mistakes.

Say goodbye to writer’s block and
let us do the work!

We have an extensive list of clients we work for and they include established authors, literary agencies, businesses, journalists, and aspiring writers.

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So many untold stories, and so many unwritten ideas. The world must know! When your untold stories and unwritten ideas marry with our team of skilled writers and editors, we are sure it will lead to the best outcome! Putting your vision on paper is our passion.

How to Make Your Book the
Best Book There Is:

  • Being published on all online platforms, such as Kindle.
  • An eye-catching cover design
  • Fast and affordable self-publishing
  • Additions, revisions, and re-editions!

We are recognized in the industry.
Our clients form our backbone.

Getting to know what you guys (our clients) think is what motivates us to keep doing what we do!

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Writing a book typically depends on how long the book is, but at Delta Ghostwriters we do give an estimate of 2 to 3 months for an average-sized book.

Our writing process would be incomplete without offering our clients 24/7 customer support for their service, transparency, and satisfaction.

At Delta Ghostwriters, we like to charge a reasonable and competitive price for our ghostwriting services, which include services like editing, and publishing too.

Absolutely! Our ghostwriting services are, and will always be, fully confidential. We will never reuse the content of your book or use any information you provide us for anything.

Do you want to have your
very own book?

Our clients are not few and far between. We have offered our ghostwriting
services to a variety of clients, including established authors, aspiring authors,
businesses both big and small, and editorial/publishing agencies.

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